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My name is Vctoria Stepanov.  I am an intuitive therapist and an REBT life coach. I  have founded Enso Healing to help people get to a happier place in life.

I've been practicing Interactive Practical Psychology and REBT for the past several years.  I've developed a series of methods that allow me to customize the process depending on your specific needs.  


These techniques have proven to be extremely effective in improving quality of life, addressing specific issues and building long-term strategies to maintain emotional balance.

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Is online counseling for you?

video chat sessions are a convenient alternative to face-to face ones
we can talk no matter where you are – nomading, on a trip or at home
fast scheduling – usually within a week for your first free consultation

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

REBT is aimed at resolving emotional and behavioral problems helping people to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

Energy Healing

an alternative healing method utilizing energy manipulation and management to improve physical and emotional health

Interactive Practical Psychology

in Interactive Practical Psychology the emphasis is placed on understanding cause and effect, and on solving deeply rooted issues

...for the first time in my life I feel like I've managed to overcome my problems. Looking back I feel amazed about the road I've traveled in just one year!  It's great to realize that I'm finally starting my conscious and free life.



- Emily, Financial Analyst, Boston

Victoria's energy cleansing is a very powerful experience with a great sense of calm after a session. Her knowledge and unique talent helped me to climb out of the dark place I was in for a long time. 



- Matt, IT Specialist, New York

Energy healing helped me realize my true purpose in life and find ways to start fulfilling it.  It also helped alleviate or completely eliminate the negative aspects of my everyday life.  I am now very optimistic about going forward!



- Sarah, Architect, New Jersey



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