Following the North Wind

My life as a nomad

Back in April 2018, I bought a one-way plane ticket for the second time in my life. The first one was back in 1990, when I left Moscow with two suitcases and my son as almost a human being, about to be born, and $134 in my pocket. Why this exact amount, will forever remain a mystery to me, but that was the maximum allowable amount to take with you when leaving the Soviet Union.

Twenty seven years later, my son just released a revolutionary investment platform, Slice Capital, and I bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles. I thought that LA would be my home for the next two months, but I’ve decided to cut it short and migrate across the Big Pond after a month.

Apparently, my decision to go nomad had caused quite a stir among people I know. After putting me through an exhausting session of Q and A some of my friends and relatives began bombarding my other friends and relatives to see if maybe they knew something. The main concern was that I went nuts! That I lost all hope in life and am now wandering the globe in vain attempts to — what? No one knows!

I should mention that my friends and relatives, for the most part, are immigrants from the USSR, gravitating toward certain comforts they were denied in the Old Country — a house with a wooded backyard, a group of friends who won’t leave suddenly, a familiar Russian store that sells familiar delicacies from their childhood. Access to these delicacies is very important because back in the day you had to wait in line of even fight for them, so being able to just go in and buy these cold cuts and candy is comforting and is a sign of stability.

They gladly travel and yearn to do so, but in the end, they need to get back to their home, their job and their friends. I often hear from many people that it’s hard to make friends when you get older, that they long to be in a familiar environment and have some sort of a routine. Many of them complain about their 9 to 5 job, but accept it as a means to allow them to maintain the lifestyle they’ve set for themselves. Their main motto is, “It’s good being a guest, but it’s better to be home!”

For years, even decades, I’ve tried to adopt this lifestyle, to be settled, to establish a network of local connections, but alas, I failed! :) . My spirit has always been unsettled and even then I shocked my friends and relatives by moving frequently along the East Coast — from Philadelphia to Massachusetts, to New Jersey, to New York — it felt like I was following the North Wind, like Vianne in the movie Chocolat.

Of course, I had to make allowances for my children being in school, for my job, which I had to maintain to feed said children, but I never felt the need to call any place home. It always took me several days to feel like I’ve been in a new place for years! And that it was time to move…

I’ve always wanted to live in many different places, but I was always afraid to do it alone. Far from that — I wasn’t comfortable even going to the beach by myself, or to the movies, or to a restaurant! I was never afraid, but always self-conscious that everyone around me seemed to be with other people and I wasn’t. I felt confused and wanted to fit in, and did, for short periods of time, but every time the “clever North Wind” would pick me up again and make me stir things up.

Three years ago I started exploring my hereditary healing abilities, I took classes and began figuring myself out. And suddenly, everything made sense!

I learned a different way to view myself, my life and surroundings, and… the world shrunk. It now seems so small and I so big, that there’s not a place where I can’t get to in just one stride. This was without a doubt, the most exhilarating feeling in my life! I could do anything, go anywhere, be anywhere and be completely comfortable and content.

This new concept was germinating for three years, in which time I’ve started working with other people helping them get to where I got to myself and having a great time at that! Now, the three years had passed, and I embarked on my nomadic journey armed with whatever skills I’ve acquired over time, learning new skills, eager, but at the same time, quietly observing, what life has to offer.

I will be writing here about my new experiences, posting pictures and welcoming any valuable comments and discussions anyone has to offer!

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