Managing Energy

If I ask any one of you, who do you perceive yourselves to be, I’m most likely to get answers such as, a man/woman, mother/father, a certain type of professional. While all these are true, the most fundamental attribute for all of us is being energy bodies.

Just like in physics, our energy could be of different kinds. We choose to refer to the two major types of bio-energy as positive and negative. At different points in our lives, we emanate these two types of energy, invisible to the naked eye but felt by us and those around us. We have the capacity to immediately identify each type of energy produced by a person. When someone is calm and content, the energy they emanate is positive. We say about these people, they are a pleasure to be around. Vice versa, someone who is scared, anxious or angry, has a cloud of negative energy we instinctively pull away from.

The law of conservation of energy states, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another.” Can bio-energy be transformed from positive to negative and back? Absolutely. Can we somehow protect ourselves from the effects of negative energy? Of course, we can, but first, we need to learn some basics.

Have you ever noticed that after interacting with a “difficult” person, all kinds of small but annoying things might begin to happen? Your cat suddenly scratches you, you break your favorite cup or you get stuck on the subway with some teenager blasting music out of their phone. We tend to perceive these events as random, something that “just happened”, whereas we should be paying more attention to them. These are indicators of our “energy shield” being penetrated and our energy seeping out.

We often say, “I have no energy left, because all these stupid things keep happening to me!” Actually, it’s the other way around. Negative events occur because we don’t have enough energy. I am referring, of course, to positive energy. When our energy shield is compromised, we become vulnerable to the influences of the so-called energy leeches. The more energy we lose, the more difficult it becomes to repair the shield. Eventually, it might turn into a vicious cycle, causing us all kinds of physical and emotional health issues.

Everything I’ve written to this point, is aimed at providing a set of simple-to-use tools for avoiding negative reactions and situations, catching our own negative emotions and stopping them before they consume us. These tools help build and maintain our energy shield, making us impervious to the draining “attacks” from other people and from ourselves. Here’s a quick checklist to see if your energy shield is intact:

  • You are almost always calm and content.

  • Whenever you experience any negative emotion, you can quickly pinpoint the source of it and nip it in the bud.

  • You perceive everything that happens to you as an opportunity to learn something new about yourself and the world, and you are thankful for it.

  • You are able to empathize with other people without “taking it in”.

  • You know your energy limits and are constantly working on increasing your energy resources.

It's a good idea to run through this checklist at least once a day, just to make sure there's nothing suspicious going on. If there is, it's your chance to address it before it becomes a bigger issue.

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