This workshop's goal is to help you identify the main source of your problems and to learn to address it, using the basic techniques covered in the ORIENTATION WORKSHOP.

  • Do you feel stuck in a cycle of repeating problems?

  • Do you feel like you've tried everything and nothing works?

  • Do people tell you that you worry too much?

  • Do you consider yourself thin-skinned?

  • Do you want to know how to life without fear and worrying?

In this workshop, we learn to recognize the foundation of our problems.  We delve deep into the energy field and begin to identify the reasons on the energy level, which lies deeper than even the subconscious!

You will receive invaluable information and techniques that you may use on your own going forward.  These techniques will help you be in total control of your life and not let fear and worry creep back in!



In this session, we explore some basic aspects of energy manipulation.  We start with energy activation and awakening, which includes:

  • Basics of building our energy shield

  • Energy absorption

  • Powerful meditation using the Tree of Life

This workshop is ideal for anyone who is ready to explore the endless world of energy manipulation and healing.  In this one hour you will start building your energy defense system that will protect you from the negative elements of everyday life.  You will learn how to gather, contain and use positive energy to help you start living a happy and healthy life!